Casters Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate caster load?

To determine the weight capacity requirements per caster you would need determine the weight of your equipment + the max pay load/(# of caster on equipment - 1)= Minimum Weight Capacity Needed. For example if I had a table that it self weighed 200lbs and the max load it can hold is 800lbs using 4 casters the minimum weight capacity would be 200+800/(4-1)= 333.33lbs.

How do I choose a caster wheel?

Choosing a caster really depends on your application needs. You would need to know the environment it will be used in, how much weight you need it to hold, how you will mount it to your equipment and if there are any dimensional restrictions that you need to keep in mind.

How do you measure caster size?

A caster is normally measured by the wheel diameter x tread width. You would also need to measure your mounting plate or stem.

How do I stop my caster wheels from rolling?

Most of our casters are available with different braking options to stop your wheels from rolling.

How do you mount a swivel caster?

A caster can be mounted with a top plate or a variety of stems depending on your application needs.

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