Rotacaster & Omnia Wheels (Omni-Wheels)

An omni wheel can change direction without the wheel turning as the rollers mounted around the periphery enable rotation in both the primary and secondary direction simultaneously, enabling the wheel to move in every direction.

Being able to fit the wheel in a fixed mount also allows it to be used effectively in very tight spaces, even hidden, only protruding enough to clear potential obstacles.

While swivel casters have a lead-follow relationship with the force acting on them, omni wheels respond directly, making their use more efficient and intuitive. Omni wheels can be used in a wide range of applications both as a downward facing floor wheel or an upward facing conveyor transfers (idle and driven).

Manufactured entirely from engineering polymers, Rotacaster Omni-Directional Wheels are light, durable, impact and corrosive resistant. The injection moulded web-like structure of the 125mm wheel body and over-moulded rollers create a robust, high impact, corrosion resistant wheel, with no pins, inserts or seams.

Rotacaster's unique, durable construction with its high load bearing capacity, stable mounting capabilities and smooth ride quality makes it ideal for tough environments and industrial applications.

Rotacaster was founded over a decade ago and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial grade omni wheels. Over the last decade the wheel has been increasingly refined and new sizes have been added.

Introducing OMNIA

While Rotacaster will remain the name of the trading company, the wheels will start to sell under the name OMNIA to better reflect their nature being an omni wheel rather than a form of caster. A key focus will be the improvement of the ride quality, reducing both vibration and associated noise levels.

OMNIA wheels will continue to lead the industry in innovation, quality, reliability and usefulness across the range and across applications and industries.

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