Choosing The Right Quick Release Pin

Quick Release Pins are mainly used in applications requiring rapid, frequent and manual assembly and disassembly of products. One of the highlights to the quick release pin is you can remove them only using one hand with no tools required. Quick release pins are offered in a variety of styles and materials. There are different ways to decide which type of pin you may need. Below is a brief overview of the different styles and features to help decide the best quick release pin for you.

Double Acting

Double Acting Pins are activated by pull or push motion. When the handle is pushed, the locking balls release and the pin can be placed in one, easy motion. Similarly, pulling on the handle releases the locking balls and the pin can be removed swiftly.

Monroe offers an optional drive out feature, for removing pins under slight shear load, where the center spindle of the pin extends beyond the shank end. Additionally, four ball options are available upon request. See our Double Acting Pins.

Push Pull Pins

Push button pins require an operator to physically push a button for the pin to be removed. When the pin is inserted the ball bearings retract into the shaft until it is locked into place. Once it is locked in no amount of pulling will release the pin until the button on the top of the handle is pressed.

They come in ring handle, L-handle, T-handle, and the ball or pin with button handle. There is also a recessed button handle that helps to prevent accidental depression of the button. See our Push Pull Pins.

Detent Pins

This type of quick release pin requires a firm pull to release them. They have a either a ring or a handle and a pin shaft. Inside the pin shaft are springs and two ball bearings at the end. When force is applied to the two ball bearings when the pin is inserted, they retract into holes in the pin until they are in place.These are intended for very positive location and are intended to be more difficult to remove, insuring the pinned parts stay together in heavy use.

They come with either a straight pin or with a shoulder that will prevent the pin from going all the way in. Detent pins come in a ring handle, T-handle, ball handle, and L-handles. See our Detent Pins.

Additional Types

One way you choose the kind of quick release pin is by the type of handle style they have, which are usually chosen based on what their purpose is. There is the ring handle, L-handle, t-handle, recessed handle, button handle, ring handle and ball handle.

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