What is an omni wheel?

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Omni wheels (omniwheel) combines the freedom of 360 degree movement with the stability of a fixed mounting. This is achieved through a design which uses integral rollers rather than a swivel mount. An ideal improvement on traditional swivel casters.

Omni wheels delivers improved, reliable performance for a wide range of material handling, conveyor, OEM, robotic and other applications requiring precision omni-directional maneuverability over other solutions.

Most omni wheels are sturdy, impact and chemical resistant, and made from molded polymers allowing the design of entirely new multi-directional movement solutions at a consumer, commercial and industrial level.

  • 360° manoeuvrability - without turning or swiveling wheels
  • Better directional control and tracking
  • Precise positioning - without swivel offset correction
  • Minimal wheel space/housing requirements
  • Simple mounting - able to tilt or lever off the fixed wheel mounting
  • Non marking polyurethane rollers
  • Load stability - a static center of load relative to wheel base
  • Load distribution - the ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset resistance
  • Robust - wheel frame and roller axles provide a web-like structure with over-moulded rollers
  • Tough and rust free - full polymer construction with no steel pins

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