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OneMonroe designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom data and signal cable solutions that perform in both controlled and harsh environments. We offer copper and fiber options. Our custom data and signal cable assemblies feature the latest technology and capabilities for information technology, telecom, radio/GPS/communications, industrial, military, aerospace, laboratory, medical, and commercial applications.

All our data and signal assemblies are custom built based on your specific application requirements. Our engineering and manufacturing team can start from the initial stages of design and prototyping all the way through manufacturing and volume production.

Custom Data & Signal Cables Capabilities:

  • Dsub
    • Tyco
    • Molex
    • Samtec
    • Amphenol
    • Amplimite
    • ACP
    • Computer Connectors
  • Serial Data
  • Modem
  • HD
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet
    • RJ45
    • M12 Ethernet
  • Modular Plugs
  • Patch Cables

Conductor Options

  • Discrete Wire
  • Twisted Wire
  • Fiber Optic
  • Cable Wire
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Round-Flat Ribbon Cable
  • Shielded or Un-shielded
  • Twisted Pair
  • Tray Cable
  • Communication Cable
  • Computer Cable Termination Styles (crimp included)
  • Laced IDC
  • Pressed IDC
  • Solder

No documentation? No problem! Our devoted team of industry experts can work with anything from a loose concept all the way up to a blueprint or physical sample.

Wire & Cable Product Lines

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