FASCO Fasteners

OneMonroe is delighted to introduce FASCO Fasteners as the latest addition to our expanding family. Located in Las Vegas, NV, FASCO has been a trusted name in the industrial and commercial construction, MRO, and OEM industries since its establishment in 1983. Built on the foundational values of honesty, integrity, and reliability, FASCO has grown significantly over the years, enhancing its product lines, services, equipment, and technological adoption to better serve both local and national customers.

Despite the many changes and expansions, FASCO has steadfastly maintained its core values, which have been crucial in building a dependable reputation. Customers continue to rely on FASCO for its steadfast commitment to these principles. The quality of products remains a top priority at FASCO, where sub-standard items are deemed unacceptable. Through a rigorous Documented Quality Assurance Program, FASCO ensures that 100% of its products meet their specified criteria, thus fulfilling the promise of unparalleled product quality.

FASCO also offers a comprehensive range of services designed to streamline and enhance operational efficiency for its clients. This includes Managed Inventory Services, where FASCO's experienced team manages customer inventories, ensuring optimal item levels and organization. Additionally, Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) delivery and support for non-standard and special items leverage FASCO's extensive global network, providing tailored solutions that meet unique needs. Contract services and 24/7 emergency support further underline FASCO's dedication to supporting clients under all circumstances, helping them keep their projects and facilities running smoothly at all times.

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