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    Monroe has a long history offering VMI services. We have increased our growth from offering superior customer service, broad product offerings, custom manufacturing capabilities and our ability to add companies that specialize in VMI.

    2014 - Northwest Fasteners

    Established in 1969 by Mr. Bill Gennoy, Northwest Fastener Sales has specialized in providing technical and industrial fastener products in the Pacific Northwest for 46 years. Len Odegaard was hired in 1980 starting as a warehouseman. In 1991 Len became General Manager and started a 10 year buy out program from Bill Gennoy, in 2001 Len became President and CEO. In October of 2014, Northwest Fastener Sales joined the Monroe family.

    2018 - Spangle Fasteners

    Founded in Fort Wayne in 1974 by Jim Spangle, Spangle Fasteners specialized in the local foundry market. With a growing customer base and product offering, Jim was able oversee several expansions before retiring in 2008. In 2018, Spangle Fasteners joined the Monroe family.

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