Our VMI History

OneMonroe has a long history of providing top-tier Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. Our growth trajectory has been propelled by our unwavering commitment to superior customer service, an extensive range of product offerings, and robust custom manufacturing capabilities. Over the years, we have expanded our expertise by integrating companies that specialize in VMI, enhancing our ability to meet and exceed our clients' unique inventory management needs.

At OneMonroe, our customer-centric approach ensures that every client receives personalized attention and tailored solutions. Our broad product portfolio spans various industries, allowing us to cater to a diverse clientele with specific requirements. From standard components to custom-manufactured parts, we deliver high-quality products that align perfectly with our customers' specifications.

Furthermore, our strategic acquisitions of companies with specialized VMI expertise have bolstered our service capabilities. These integrations have enabled us to offer more comprehensive and efficient inventory management solutions, ensuring that our clients benefit from reduced downtime, optimized stock levels, and improved operational efficiency. Our dedication to innovation and excellence continues to drive our success, making OneMonroe a trusted partner for VMI services in the industry.

2014 - Northwest Fasteners

Established in 1969 by Mr. Bill Gennoy, Northwest Fastener Sales has specialized in providing technical and industrial fastener products in the Pacific Northwest for 46 years. Len Odegaard was hired in 1980 starting as a warehouseman. In 1991 Len became General Manager and started a 10 year buy out program from Bill Gennoy, in 2001 Len became President and CEO. In October of 2014, Northwest Fastener Sales joined the OneMonroe family.

2018 - Spangle Fasteners

Founded in Fort Wayne in 1974 by Jim Spangle, Spangle Fasteners specialized in the local foundry market. With a growing customer base and product offering, Jim was able oversee several expansions before retiring in 2008. In 2018, Spangle Fasteners joined the OneMonroe family.

2023 - FASCO

In 2023, FASCO LV joined the OneMonroe family. FASCO has 40 years of experience in the fastener industry specializing in supplying construction projects with every fastener the project calls for.

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