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    Monroe offers a full-line of customer managed inventory programs that we can customize to meet your needs. With our experience field experts, we can help analyze your requirements for a period of time, optimize stock levels and deliver products to your facility. In addition to delivery schedules, Monroe will monitor stock levels and fluctuations in the consignment inventory.

    Our customer managed inventory services can help you increase sales by helping you avoid stock-outs by generating orders prior to stock depletion. Furthermore, this will help your company by reducing the administration time of inventory management. Also, your delivery time to your customers will improve by an increase in the efficiency of your supply chain and your shipping will decrease by minimizing last-minute rushed orders because of a lack of adequate inventory.

    Most services are provided with little to no cost to our customer. Please give us a call or email us at for more information.

    Customer Managed Inventory:

    • Optimize stock levels
    • Deliver products to your facility
    • Analyze your requirements for a period of time
    • Monitor stock levels and fluctuations
    • Little or no costs

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