VMI Markets

Over the years, Monroe has implemented VMI programs for a multitude of customers in a wide variety of industries. Through this experience we understand the unique attributes and specific requirements of these industries. Below you can find a selection of industries that we can offer VMI servies to. Please give us a call or email us at vmi@askmonroe.com to find out more information.

Selection of Applications of VMI

Manufacturing - In the manufacturing industry, VMI is invaluable for ensuring that production lines are never halted due to lack of materials. By having the right parts readily available, manufacturers can maintain uninterrupted operations.

Retail - Retailers benefit from VMI by avoiding stockouts of popular products and preventing overstock of slow-moving items. This results in improved customer satisfaction and reduced carrying costs.

Healthcare - In the healthcare sector, VMI helps hospitals and clinics maintain a steady supply of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. This is essential for providing uninterrupted patient care.

OneMonroe's VMI Program

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