Spangle Fasteners

Monroe-Spangle Fasteners, a distinguished member of the OneMonroe family, is a full line industrial and construction supplier specializing in MRO/OEM fasteners. Founded in Fort Wayne in 1974 by Jim Spangle, the company originally catered to the local foundry market. Under Jim’s leadership, Spangle Fasteners witnessed several expansions, growing its customer base and product offerings significantly. Joining OneMonroe in 2018 marked a new chapter of innovation and growth for Monroe-Spangle.

Over the past four decades, Monroe-Spangle has seen continuous growth in all aspects of its operations—from expanding its team and locations to diversifying product lines and boosting sales. Our commitment to improvement and expansion is relentless, driven by a vision for a bright future. Throughout our history, our cornerstone has remained unchanged: "SERVICE IS OUR SPECIALTY." This dedication to outstanding service is what propels us forward and cements our reputation as a leader in the industry.

At Monroe-Spangle, we take pride in our robust inventory management and quality control processes, ensuring that every order meets or exceeds stringent quality standards. Our products are thoroughly inspected to comply with customer specifications and industry norms. Understanding the critical nature of timely deliveries, we strive to keep our clients informed and ensure shipments are punctual. With stock items, we are often able to ship within 24 hours. Our commitment extends beyond just meeting needs; we aim to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs through our tailored Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, thereby optimizing productivity and achieving cost savings for our clients.

OneMonroe's VMI Program

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