The Beginner’s Guide to Carriage Bolts

When shopping for bolts, you may come across carriage bolts. Also known as coach bolts, they are used in fastening applications. You can use carriage bolts to fasten metal workpieces to other metal workpieces, or you can use them to … Read More

Employee of the Month: Richard Sandoval

Congratulations Richard Sandoval on Being the Employee of the Month for June 2022 Nomination Richard is a very hardworking individual.  He has only been with us for a short period of time, but he was able to make an immediate … Read More

How to Choose Rod Ends: What You Should Know

Rod ends are commonly used as articulating joints. Also known as heim joints, they connect two or more parts while simultaneously allowing for limited movement. A typical rod end features a head with a shank and a bearing. The shank … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Gas Spring Dampers

Gas spring dampers are used in a wide range of products. You can find them on office chairs, trunk hatches, cabinet doors, medical equipment and more. While they can store mechanical energy like all other springs, though, gas springs feature … Read More

What Are Positive Stop Release Pins?

Industrial pins are commonly used to secure and align components. They typically consist of a shaft and a handle. The shaft features precise measurements, allowing you to insert it into a machine. There are several different types of industrial pins, … Read More

How to Choose a Fold-Away Handwheel

To make precise adjustments on machinery — or to open and close valves — look no further than handwheels. Handwheels are manually operated wheels that connect to machinery or valves. Like most wheels, they revolve around an axis. You can … Read More

What Are Dovetail Gaskets?

When shopping for gaskets, you may stumble upon dovetail gaskets. They are used to seal two or more mating surfaces. Many machines rely on gaskets to prevent leaks from occurring. Dovetail gaskets are used to seal two or more mating … Read More