4 Reasons to Consider Plastic Hinges

Plastic hinges by Monroe Engineering

Not all hinges are made of metal. While you can find them in common metal alloys like stainless steel and aluminum, some of them are made of plastic. Plastic hinges are available in the same traditional design as their metal counterparts. They feature two leafs and a pin-secured knuckle. Because they are made of plastic, however, they offer several unique advantages.

#1) No Squeaking

Squeaking isn’t a concern with plastic hinges. They offer a nearly silent method of operation. Metal hinges, conversely, may squeak. As a metal hinge begins to wear down around its inner knuckle, it may squeak when you open and close it.

Squeaking typically won’t any form of damage, but it’s a nuisance, nonetheless. To avoid squeaking, you can choose plastic hinges. With the exception of a metal pin, plastic hinges are made entirely of plastic, so they are better protected against squeaking.

#2) Rustproof

Plastic hinges are rustproof. As previously mentioned, the only metal part in a plastic hinge is the pin, which is surrounded by the all-plastic leafs. You can use a plastic hinge for years or even decades without fear of it rusting. Only metal hinges can rust. Rust is the result of oxidation occurring within iron. Plastic hinges don’t contain any iron, so they can’t rust.

#3) Flexibilty

Plastic hinges are more flexible than metal hinges. When exposed to a load, plastic hinges will flex. There are even living hinges that are designed specifically for applications that require flexibility. Living hinges are all-plastic hinges without any leafs or a pin. They essentially feature a single piece of plastic, which is able to flex under a load.

The flexible properties of plastic hinges make them a popular choice for heavy objects. Even when exposed to a heavy load, plastic hinges won’t break. They will typically flex slightly while keeping the objects connected.

#4) Inexpensive

You can save money by choosing plastic hinges. Plastic is an inexpensive and readily available material. It costs less than most metals and metal alloys, including those used to make other types of hinges. Whether you’re looking to buy a single hinge or 100 hinges, you may want to go with plastic. Plastic hinges typically cost less than those made of metal and metal alloys.

In Conclusion

Plastic hinges offer several advantages. As revealed here, they don’t squeak, feature a rustproof construction, offer increased flexibility, and they are inexpensive.

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