5 Reasons to Choose Molded Rubber Grommets

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You can’t go wrong with molded rubber grommets. Grommets are ring-shaped components. They are designed to reinforce holes so that wires, cables and ropes can be safely run through the holes. While all grommets are designed for use inside of holes, they are available in different materials.

Molded rubber grommets are made of rubber. They are made via a molding process in which heated rubber is transferred to or injected into a mold cavity. Here are five reasons to choose molded rubber grommets.

#1) Customization

You can order molded rubber grommets in custom sizes. Choosing the right size is important. All grommets are used in holes. If a grommet is too big or small, it may not fit. Rather, the grommet may fall out of the hole. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose grommets in a generic size. Molded rubber grommets are available in custom sizes.

#2) Soft Texture

Molded rubber grommets offer a soft texture. Why does this matter? If you’re going to run a wire, cable or rope through a hole, you’ll need to use a soft grommet. Otherwise, the wire, cable or rope may succumb to damage as it rubs against the grommet. Molded rubber is a soft material that won’t damage these items.

#3) Seals Unfinished Holes

If the sides of a hole are unfinished, you may want to use a molded rubber grommet to seal them. Placing a molded rubber grommet inside of the hole will seal the sides. Dirt, moisture or other contaminants won’t be able to reach the sides of the hole. The molded rubber grommet will seal them so that contaminants such as these don’t degrade the hole.

#4) Reduces Vibrations

Molded rubber grommets can even reduce vibrations. They can dampen sound vibrations. Molded rubber is an elastic polymer. With its elastic properties, it reduces vibration, including those produced by otherwise noisy machines and tools. Grommets made of other, harder materials aren’t able to reduce vibrations. Only those made of an elastic material like molded rubber can reduce vibrations.

#5) Waterproof

Molded rubber grommets are waterproof. You can use them outdoors and in other humid environments. Even when exposed to moisture, molded rubber grommets won’t rust. They are completely waterproof.

Grommets are often categorized according to the material from which they are made. Molded rubber grommets are made of rubber. They are specifically made of rubber that’s been heated and then transferred to or injected into a mold cavity.

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