5 Things to Consider When Choosing Door Hinges

Door hinge

Hinges are commonly used to connect doors to frames. Typically consisting of two leafs and a pin-secured knuckle, they allow for a limited angle of rotation. You can connect a door to the surrounding frame with a set of hinges. You can then swing the door open and push it shut. If you’re planning to use them on a door, though, you’ll need to choose the right hinges.

#1) Finish

While most door hinges are made of stainless steel or brass, you can find them in different finishes. Some of them feature a black paint finish. Other door hinges feature a yellow zinc, white primed or stain chrome finish. There are over a dozen finishes from which you can choose, each of which offers a unique appearance that distinguishes it from the rest.

#2) Standard vs Spring

Spring hinges have become a popular alternative to standard hinges in recent years. They still consist of two leafs and a knuckle. Spring hinges simply have a built-in spring. This eliminates the need for pushing doors shut. You’ll still have to open doors, but spring hinges will force them to close automatically.

#3) Size

Door hinges are available in different sizes. Common sizes for residential door things include 3×3, 3.5×3.5 and 4×4. Commercial door hinges are also available in these same sizes, but you can find them in other, bigger size as well.

#4) Shape

In addition to the size, you should consider the shape when choosing door hinges. Some door hinges are rectangular, whereas others are oval. Most door hinges use the same method of operation, regardless of their shape. But the shape of a door hinge will still affect the way in which it’s installed. You’ll have to cut out a shallow section of the wooden surface on the door and frame to install a hinge. The shape of these cutouts must match the shape of the hinge.

#5) Quantity

How many hinges are you looking to buy? Most residential doors require at least two hinges. You can use standard hinges or spring hinges. As long as it’s a residential door, two hinges will suffice. Commercial doors, though, may require more hinges. Commerial doors are typically bigger and heavier than residential doors. As a result, they may require more hinges. Rather than two hinges, you may need to use three hinges when connecting a commercial door to a frame.

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