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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Door Hinges

Hinges are commonly used to connect doors to frames. Typically consisting of two leafs and a pin-secured knuckle, they allow for a limited angle of rotation. You can connect a door to the surrounding frame with a set of hinges. … Read More

Do Doors Need 2 Hinges or 3 Hinges?

When installing a door, you might be wondering whether to use two hinges or three hinges. Hinges, of course, allow doors to swing open. They feature two leafs and a knuckle. By connecting a door to the frame with a … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Door Hinges

One of the most common applications for hinges is doors. Doors are connected to frames by a hinge. With a hinge, you can pull a door open and away from the frame to which it’s connected. Some door hinges, however, … Read More