7 Common Types of Industrial Handles

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Industrial handles are commonly used to control machines and equipment in the workplace. You can grip and turn an industrial handle to engage the machine or equipment to which it’s connected. Some of the most common types of industrial handles include the following.

#1) Crank

Crank handles are characterized by their cranking action. They consist of two separate bar-like handles. The second handle runs perpendicular to the end of the first, base handle. To use a crank handle, you’ll need to grip and turn this second handle, resulting in a cranking action.

#2) T-Handle

You may come across T-handles when shopping for industrial handles. T-handles live up to their namesake by resembling the letter T. Some of them are tapped, whereas others are studded. Regardless, all T-handles are shaped like the letter T. With this design, they are highly ergonomic, making them a popular choice for machines and equipment.

#3) Finger

While most industrial handles require an open-hand grip, others do not. You can grip finger handles, for instance, with just a few of your fingers. Finger handles are small, vertically oriented handles. They are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc. For small spaces with limited clearance, finger handles are often recommended.

#4) Speed Ball

There are also speed ball handles. Speed ball handles consist of one or more ball-affixed bars. Some of them consist of a single bar with a ball attached to the end. Others consist of two bars, each of which has a ball attached to the end.

#5) Fluted Grip

Fluted grip is a type of industrial handle that has a fluted design. They don’t have a smooth gripping surface. Rather, fluted grip handles have a notched, fluted gripping surface. You’ll have an easier time gripping and turning fluted grip handles because of this design.

#6) Spinner Knob

Many businesses use spinner knob handles. Spinner knob handles aren’t ordinary handles. While most other industrial handles consist of a bar, spinner knob handles consist of a ball-shaped knob.

#7) Fold-A-Away

Fold-a-way is probably one of the most unique types of industrial handles. Fold-a-away handles feature a collapsable design. When you are finished using them, you can collapse them. Fold-a-way handles work like other handles. You can grip and turn them to engage a given machine or piece of equipment. Only fold-a-way handles, however, feature a collapsable design.

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