Study Reveals Which Manufacturing Companies are ‘Reshoring’ the Most Jobs

Manufacturing remains one of the country’s most vital industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 12.4 million Americans are employed in the industry, with manufacturing businesses generating a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately $2.2 trillion … Read More

How American Manufacturing Will Change in the Upcoming Years

The American manufacturing industry isn’t going to fade anytime soon. But like all commercial sectors, it’s expected to evolve in the upcoming years. While there’s no way to tell exactly how the American manufacturing industry will change, analysts have made … Read More

US Manufacturing Technology Orders Spike 8% in 2017

2017 was a strong year for the country’s manufacturing industry, especially the technology subsector. According to research from the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT), manufacturing technology companies received 8% more orders in 2017 compared to 2016. Furthermore, the collective total … Read More

American Manufacturing Picks Up

Even with recent slumps attributed to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, the American manufacturing industry continues to make strong gains. This isn’t just a sudden “surge,” either. On the contrary, analysts expect the American manufacturing industry to continue making these … Read More

What is PMI in Manufacturing?

When researching the manufacturing industry, you may come across the term “PMI.” An acronym for Purchasing Managers’ Index, it’s used as metric for measuring the economic health and viability of the manufacturing industry. To learn more about PMI and how … Read More

Meet Monroe: Mitch Tucker

How long have you been at Monroe, and what do you do here? I have been at Monroe Engineering for well over 10 years. Currently, I manage contract manufacturing, manufacturing sales, and production. Describe your background: The first half of … Read More

American Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Pace in 13 Years

The American manufacturing industry has expanded at its fastest pace in more than 13 years. The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) gave the manufacturing industry’s factory index a 60.8 reading for the month of September. To put that number into … Read More

Exploring the Current State of American Manufacturing

Manufacturing is undoubtedly one of the most vital sectors in the U.S. economy. As of March 2017, it provides jobs to more than 12.4 million Americans while generating gross domestic product of $2.2 trillion. Statistics show that more than one-third … Read More

Survey Reveals Strong Support for NAFTA

There’s been some concern regarding whether or not the United States would remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). After taking office, President Trump voiced his displeasure for NAFTA, saying it wasn’t a fair deal for the country. … Read More