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  • What Is a Vulcanized Seal?

    What Is a Vulcanized Seal?0

    Seals play an important role in the manufacturing industry. Most manufacturing companies rely on machines to convert materials into fully or partially finished products. Within these machines are passages through which oil and liquids flow. Seals are used around the mating surfaces of these passages to protect against leaks. When shopping for seals, though, you

  • What Are Hydraulic Seals?

    What Are Hydraulic Seals?0

    Hydraulic cylinders are commonly found in industrial machines. Consisting of an actuator, it uses hydrostatic energy to generate force. Hydraulic cylinders essentially use fluid to create a pull or push force. Because they contain fluid, however, they require the use of seals. There are hydraulic seals found in most hydraulic cylinders. What are hydraulic seals

  • What Is a Shaft Seal?

    What Is a Shaft Seal?0

    Shaft seals are a common component in machines and industrial equipment. Like all types of seals, they are designed to prevent substances — typically oil or other fluids — from leaking. A shaft seal will create a secure mating surface so that fluids can travel through them in a hollow passage. What is a shaft

  • How Gaskets Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry

    How Gaskets Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry0

    A gasket is a key component used in the manufacturing industry. It’s used to create a seal between two or more surface, preventing leakage of air and/or liquids. In some manufacturing processes, the two surfaces can be secured together without the need for a gasket. If the surfaces are flawed or under pressure, however, a

  • What is an O-Ring?

    What is an O-Ring?0

    An o-ring, also known as a toric joint, is a special type of gasket that’s shaped like a loop with a round cross-section. It’s designed for use inside of a groove, where it’s compressed during assembly to achieve a secure seal. To learn more about o-rings and how they work, keep reading. While there are

  • Gaskets: an Overview of this Critical Manufacturing Component

    Gaskets: an Overview of this Critical Manufacturing Component0

    Gaskets are commonly used in a wide variety of manufactured goods and products. In the most basic sense, a gasket is a mechanical seal that’s designed to fill the voided space between two surfaces. When two objects are connected, there’s often a small but noticeable space between them. Depending on the specific function of the