5 Things to Consider When Choosing O-Rings

Choosing the right O-rings is important. Also known as toric joints, they are used in sealing applications. O-rings live up to their namesake by featuring a circular, o-shaped design with a round cross-section. You can secure them around the mating … Read More

Gasket Materials: What Are Gaskets Made Of?

Gaskets play an important role in the function of many machines. From lathes and milling machines to forklifts and automobiles, they allow for a leak-proof mating surface between two or more parts. Machines, of course, often contain fluids or gases. … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Spring-Energized Seals

Sealing applications require the use of strong and durable seals. When exposed to hot and pressurized liquids, seals can fail. The failure of a seal will then allow the otherwise contained liquid to leak out. There are many different types … Read More

Comparing the 3 Main Molding Processes

Molding is a group of manufacturing processes that involves the use of a mold to produce objects and parts in custom shapes. Dies are hollow shells that are designed to support a liquid material. The liquid material, such as heated … Read More

What Is a Vulcanized Seal?

Seals play an important role in the manufacturing industry. Most manufacturing companies rely on machines to convert materials into fully or partially finished products. Within these machines are passages through which oil and liquids flow. Seals are used around the … Read More

What Is a Flange Gasket?

When shopping for gaskets, you may come across flange gaskets. They are one of the most common types of gaskets. Flange gaskets work like other gaskets by sealing the surface on which they are used. They are known as “flange … Read More

What Are Hydraulic Seals?

Hydraulic cylinders are commonly found in industrial machines. Consisting of an actuator, it uses hydrostatic energy to generate force. Hydraulic cylinders essentially use fluid to create a pull or push force. Because they contain fluid, however, they require the use … Read More

What Is a Shaft Seal?

Shaft seals are a common component in machines and industrial equipment. Like all types of seals, they are designed to prevent substances — typically oil or other fluids — from leaking. A shaft seal will create a secure mating surface … Read More

What Are Rubber Bumpers?

While small in size, rubber bumpers offer some big benefits. Countless workplaces rely on industrial machines to conduct their operations. From lathes and milling machines to grinding machines and planers, many of these industrial machines produce powerful vibrations. Rubber bumpers … Read More