What Are O-Rings Made Of?

Also known as a toric joint, an O-ring is a gasket consisting of a circular, ring-shaped piece of material. Like other gaskets, it’s used to create a seal. When two parts are joined together, they may be fitted with an … Read More

An Introduction to Gaskets and How They Work

Not all machines consist of a single part. Many machines have dozens or even hundreds of parts. To prevent leaks around the surfaces where these parts meet, gaskets are used. Gaskets create a sealed mating surface between two or more … Read More

What Is Impact Extrusion?

When researching the different extrusion processes, you may come across impact extrusion. Like all extrusion processes, it involves forcing material through a die. Impact extrusion is unique, however, because it uses an excessive amount of force when compared to other … Read More

What Is Plastic Injection Molding?

From bottle caps and kids’ toys to patio chairs and small gears, plastic injection molding is used to make a variety of consumer products. It’s a highly effective, and efficient, way to produce large volumes of plastic products. After creating … Read More

Comparing the Different Types of Extrusion Processes

Extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves forcing base metal through a pre-shaped die to create objects with a specific shape and profile. As the metal passes through the die, it’s shape changes to reflect the die’s shape. There are … Read More

How Gaskets Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry

A gasket is a key component used in the manufacturing industry. It’s used to create a seal between two or more surface, preventing leakage of air and/or liquids. In some manufacturing processes, the two surfaces can be secured together without … Read More

What is an O-Ring?

An o-ring, also known as a toric joint, is a special type of gasket that’s shaped like a loop with a round cross-section. It’s designed for use inside of a groove, where it’s compressed during assembly to achieve a secure … Read More

Gaskets: an Overview of this Critical Manufacturing Component

Gaskets are commonly used in a wide variety of manufactured goods and products. In the most basic sense, a gasket is a mechanical seal that’s designed to fill the voided space between two surfaces. When two objects are connected, there’s … Read More

Top 5 Questions on Vulcanized O-rings

Having trouble finding the proper size o-ring for your application?  Maybe the size you are looking for is not available from stock.  Maybe the size you are looking for is too large to be molded.  Is the volume too low … Read More