Comparing The Different Types of Hinges

barrel-hinge-01Hinges come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. From the popular all-purpose piano hinge to the more complex mortise hinge, there’s a solution out there for nearly every application. Whether you’re installing a new door or building something in your workshop, you should carefully choose the hinge that’s best suited for your particular needs.

Before we go into the different types of hinges, let’s first discuss what exactly a hinge is. In the most basic sense, a hinge is any component that connects two solid objects, usually allowing for a limited angle of rotation. The hinge creates a fixed axis of rotation, allowing the object(s) to rotate relative to one another.

Piano hinge: also known as a continuous hinge, piano hinges run the entire length of the door, frame or box and are manufactured without holes. Their unique characteristics make them a popular choice for side doors and small doors.

Barrel hinge: as depicted in the image to the right, a barrel hinge features a hollowed cylindrical component in which a rotating force allows the components to pivot. One side of the hinge is secured to the frame, whereas the other side is secured to the door. Some barrel hinges have a screw shaped section for fastening the pivot.

Mortise hinge: features several sections (usually three or four), which are secured inset to the door or frame. Mortise hinges are unique in the sense that they are typically constructed with brass or stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Case hinge: designed in a similar manner as the mortise hinge but with a greater emphasis on aesthetics. Case hinges are often used for briefcases, jewelry boxes and similar applications.

Butterfly hinge: also known as the dovetail hinge up, the butterfly hinge features a wide variety of designs depending on the manufacturer. They are often used in similar applications as the case hinge.

Flag hinge: this special type of hinge can be disassembled by removing a pin on one lead. The flag hinge can also rotate to a full 360 degrees around the pin.

H hinge. this hinge lives up to its namesake by featuring the shape of the letter H.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the different types of hinges and how they are used. If you still need more info on different hinges check out our guide on the different types of hinges.

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