Tamper Proof Bolts Denver

Many businesses find that they need effective solutions for securing your property against theft and vandalism.  With tamper proof bolts, a special tool is required to unfasten them, so only authorized persons with the specific patterned tool can unscrew them. We carry an astounding collection of fasteners including tamper proof bolts in Denver,
as well as in Omaha and Grand Junction.  
By keeping  an incredibly large inventory on hand, we ensure that every customer has quick access to the fastening products that they need.  And
with our extensive experience in commercial and industrial fastening, we can guide you to the right products for your project.  Fasteners Inc. provides the highest quality fastening materials and systems, including bolts, drive anchors, nuts, keys, pins, rivets, sockets and industrial fastening systems like the Huck line from Alcoa. 
All together, our inventory contains 30,000 items, so that we have whatever it takes to hold your project together right on hand.  We’ve
been operating for almost 50 years, serving many industries with the fastening materials that they require.   You can see more about our fasteners on our website, or call or come into one of our three locations. 

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