The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Door Hinges

Spring door hinge by Monroe Engineering

One of the most common applications for hinges is doors. Doors are connected to frames by a hinge. With a hinge, you can pull a door open and away from the frame to which it’s connected. Some door hinges, however, feature an enclosed spring. Known as spring door hinges, they offer several unique advantages when compared to traditional door hinges.

What Are Spring Door Hinges?

Spring door hinges are exactly what they sound like: spring-enclosed hinges that are designed for use with doors. They look like traditional hinges. Spring door hinges still have two leafs, which are joined together at the center. Unlike traditional hinges, though, they don’t have a knuckle. Rather, spring door hinges feature a hollow center section that contains a spring.

Advantages of Using Spring Door Hinges

You don’t have to worry about closing the door behind you if it’s connected to the frame by a spring door hinge. Spring door hinges are self-closing. As you pull open the door, the enclosed spring will create tension that pulls it back. Releasing the knob or handle will then force the door back to its original, closed position.

Spring door hinges are also adjustable. You can increase or decrease the amount of tension they create by adjusting them. Tension adjustments are performed using a wrench. You can turn the center barrel of a spring door hinge with a wrench to adjust the amount of tension it creates. Traditional hinges, on the other hand, typically can’t be adjusted.

Many business owners prefer spring door hinges in their workplace over traditional hinges. With spring door hinges, workers won’t have to close the door behind them. They’ll still have to open the door, but assuming it’s connected by a spring door hinge, the door will close automatically thanks to the presence of a spring.

Spring door hinges are also long-lasting. They are available in durable materials, such as stainless steel and polished brass, that are resistant to corrosion. You can even order custom spring door hinges in specific sizes and dimensions.

While they cost more than traditional door hinges, spring door hinges offer some unique advantages. They are self-closing, adjustable and long-lasting. With these advantages, you may want to choose spring door hinges instead of traditional door hinges. Spring door hinges are designed with an enclosed spring, which is responsible for their unique advantages.