Integros History

Integro is a rubber and thermoplastic molder of power distribution and temporary lighting equipment, proudly serving the Airfield Lighting, Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication, Mining, Utility, and Solar Markets.

In 1995, the former owners purchased the assets of Molded Electric Products, which at the time was solely a job shop, providing only to the Airfield Lighting and Shipbuilding markets. Immediately, the company improved its product strategy by utilizing its existing manufacturing capabilities and working directly with existing customers to broaden its line of value-added products. This new market-focused strategy strengthened each year while adding more and more high quality products to its strong line.

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Integro's History:

  • 1995: Current owners purchased "Molded Electric Products"
  • 1995-1999: Developed full product line offerings in Airport Lighting and Shipbuilding
  • 1999: Developed Mining Cord Set
  • 2000: Developed molded and fill soldered welding connectors - became the standard at Shipyards
  • 2001: Company changed name to Integro (defining Integrity and Growth)
  • 2009: Worked with FAA to get Buy American legislation enforced
  • 2010: Integro moved to a larger facility. Designed Teflon Cordset for disposable tableware manufacturer.
  • 2010: Developed and patented the Complete Kit for Airfield Lighting
  • 2011: Patent filed for Break-Away Connector
  • 2012: Designed the "Complete Kit" for shielded cable. Patent filed on "The Right Idea" Low Voltage LED Lighting System
  • 2013: Developed and patented Single Pole portable power connector
  • 2017: Developed and patented electricla connectors with RFID molded into them
  • 2017: Developed and patented RFID system with Check In / Check Out inventory control for equipment rental markets
  • 2019: Developed permanently molded Series 22 connector
  • 2020: Developed Ground Power Cable Assemblies for aircraft
  • 2020: Developed line of power distribution products for Renewable Energy markets
  • 2022: Monroe Engineering buys assets of Integro Inc., Integro becomes a brand of OneMonroe
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