OneMonroe Integro is a custom rubber and thermoplastic molder of power distribution and temporary lighting equipment used in Solar, Airfield Lighting Power, Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication, Construction, Utility, and Mining Applications. We work closely with our customers to ensure our designs meet specifications and are built with superior quality. We focus on value added and problem solving products that are water resistant, durable, and safe while installed and used in some of the most rough and harsh environments. We maintain heavy correspondence and trainings with the end users. We invest in inventory for superior delivery. Our whole team is responsible for developing and producing quality products that are sure to provide better solutions in the field. We are well known for being the company you can count on in the clutch because at OneMonroe Integro, the customer always comes first! For Integro location details, please visit their location page.

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About The OneMonroe Family of Companies

OneMonroe is a ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D certified global industrial manufacturing company offering a broad product line and has a diverse customer base of manufacturers, distributors and catalog-houses across several vertical markets including aerospace/defense, automotive, medical, transportation and many more. OneMonroe has a rich history dating back to the 1920s and Otto Siewek’s role in developing “tooling components”, which helped standardized mass production of automobiles.

Our OneMonroe team lives by a simple question, "How can we help?" OneMonroe has grown with so many customers because we were never afraid to help a customer attack an issue to get it solved correctly, quickly, and in an efficient manner. We continually expand our standard product offering based on the needs of our customers and have expanded our contract manufacturing capabilities to offer more custom solutions than ever before. Backed by a rock solid quality system our goal is to help you with your "problem of the day". Please give us a chance to earn your business.