Employee of the Month: Greg Sepanski

Congratulations Greg Sepanski on being Employee of the Month for May 2023 Nomination Greg has the crucial role of overseeing Quality at OneMonroe Ira, our business hinges on consistently delivering high-quality products and Greg has been doing an amazing at keeping this … Read More

The Benefits of PTFE Seals: What You Should Know

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly used in the construction of seals. Many O-rings, for instance, are entirely of PTFE. You can place them around the mating surfaces to prevent leaks. Even when exposed to pressurized fluid or gas, they will continue … Read More

What Are Lateral Spring Plungers?

When shopping for spring plungers, you may encounter lateral spring plungers. They are used for many of the same locking and indexing applications as traditional spring plungers. Lateral spring plungers, however, are designed for lateral use. What are lateral spring … Read More

Why Doesn’t Stainless Steel Rust? What You Should Know

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most popular materials. It’s used to make everything from cookware and furniture to structural building frames, bridges, engines and more. According to Statista, global production of stainless steel has more than doubled since … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Folding Pull Handles

Not all pull handles are the same. While some of them are fixed, others can be folded. Known as folding pull handles, they are commonly used in commercial environments where they offer a convenient, space-saving alternative to fixed pull handles. … Read More

What Are Cable Clips?

Cable clips simplify the process of installing, as well as maintaining, wires and cables. Rather than allowing a wire or cable to hang loosely, you can secure it in place with a set of cable clips. Whether you’re installing a … Read More

An Introduction to O-Ring Sizes and What They Mean

You can’t choose the right O-ring without considering the size. O-rings are mechanical seals that feature a circular, ring-like shape. They are typically used to seal mating surfaces. Even when exposed to pressurized liquid or gas, O-rings will continue to … Read More