6 Common Misconceptions About Gas Springs

Gas springs are commonly used in positioning applications. Like all springs, they are designed to store mechanical energy. While traditional springs consist of coiled metal, though, gas springs feature a gas-filled cylinder. Here are six common misconceptions about gas springs. … Read More

Employee of the Month: Carrie Hardman

Congrats to Carrie Hardman on being Employee of the Month for June 2023! Nominations Carrie is our first employee to ever receive two separate employee of the month nominations in one month. Below we’ve included both nominations, as well as … Read More

Magnetic Sweepers: Everything You Need to Know

Swarf is a byproduct of many manufacturing processes. Whether you’re cutting, sanding, bending or otherwise manipulating a piece of metal, you may produce chips of leftover metal. Known as swarf, they can litter the floors of your workplace. Investing in … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Link Type Fuses

Fuses are commonly used in circuits to protect electrical devices from overcurrent. You can find them in automotive electrical systems, aerospace electrical systems, homes, commercial buildings and more. If the current traveling through the circuit exceeds that for which the … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Material Handling Cabinets

Material handling cabinets offer a convenient storage solution for the workplace. They are heavy-duty cabinets in which you can store tools and materials. When shopping for material handling cabinets, however, you should consider the six following things. #1) Size One … Read More

What Is a Drum Hand Truck?

Hand trucks are commonly used to move heavy objects in the workplace. Consisting of an L-shaped frame with wheels on the bottom, they eliminate the need for manually carrying heavy objects. Workers can stack the objects on the bottom of … Read More

Bent Hitch Pins: A Simple and Effective Fastening Solution

Are you looking for a fastening solution for an axle? You may want to choose a bent hitch pin. Also known as hitch lunches and linchpins, bent hitch pins offer a simple and effective fastening solution. The Basics of Bent … Read More