An Introduction to Double-End Stud Bolts

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Stud bolts are commonly used to hold two or more parts together. They are threaded rods that can be inserted into threaded holes. Unlike regular bolts, though, stud bolts don’t have a head. They consist entirely of a shank. While there are different types of stud bolts, double-end stud bolts are one of the most popular.

What Is a Double-End Stud Bolt?

A double-end stud bolt is a type of fastener with exterior threading of equal lengths on both ends. The exterior threading doesn’t completely cover the shank. Instead, there’s a gap in the middle where the shank is smooth and unthreaded.

Double-End vs Fully Threaded Stud Bolts

In addition to double-end stud bolts, there are fully threaded stud bolts. Neither double-end stud bolts nor fully threaded stud bolts have a head. As stud bolts, they are both headless fasteners consisting of a threaded shank. What’s the difference between them exactly?

Double-end stud bolts have a partially threaded shank. They are known as “double-end stud bolts” because they feature threading on both ends of the shank. The middle of a double-end stud bolt is smooth and unthreaded.

Fully threaded stud bolts, as you may have guessed, have a fully threaded shank. When inspecting the shank of a fully threaded stud bolt, you’ll notice that the threading extends all the way from one end to the opposite end. There’s no smooth or otherwise unthreaded section in the shank.

What to Look for in Double-End Stud Bolts

By definition, a double-end stud bolt is a fastener with exterior threading of equal lengths on both ends. It’s distinguished from fully threaded stud bolts by the presence of a gap between the threaded ends. Double-end stud bolts have a smooth and unthreaded middle section, whereas fully threaded stud bolts do not. If you’re going to buy double-end stud bolts, there are a few things you should look for.

You should look for a corrosion-resistant finish when choosing double-end stud bolts. Stud bolts can succumb to corrosion. Fortunately, some of them feature a finish, such as black oxide, to protect against corrosion.

Double-end stud bolts are available in different sizes. Some of them are longer than others. You can also find double-end stud bolts in different thread sizes. Regardless of how many you intend to purchase, you should choose double-end stud bolts in the right size.

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