5 Things to Consider When Choosing Plastic Hinges

Hinges come in a variety of materials. While most of the materials in which they are made consist of metals and alloys, you can find them in plastic as well. Plastic hinges are defined by their plastic construction. They aren’t … Read More

The 5 Primary Mount Types for Hinges

When shopping for hinges, you’ll need to choose the right mount type. Hinges are installed by mounting. You’ll need to mount a hinge to the two workpieces. Door hinges, for instance, are mounted on doors and doorframes. Different hinges, however, … Read More

Comparing the Different Types of Hinge Openings

Hinges are designed with openings so that they can be installed on doors, cabinets, vehicles, machines and other surfaces. Whether it’s a barrel, piano, flag or living hinge, all hinges have multiple openings. Consisting of open passages, they support the … Read More

What Are Loose Joint Hinges?

Loose joint hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They are still used to connect two objects, and they still allow one or both of the connected objects to rotate. Loose joint hinges, however, feature a unique design … Read More

What Is a Living Hinge?

The term “living hinge” can be confusing. Hinges are mechanical devices that allow for a limited angle of rotation. They aren’t living organisms, of course. Rather, hinges are inanimate objects. Depending on the material from which it’s constructed, though, a … Read More

What Are Weld-On Hinges?

When shopping for hinges, you may discover that some of them don’t have precut holes for bolts or screws. Most hinges, of course, have holes for fasteners. You can install them on surfaces by driving a screw or bolt through … Read More

How to Choose Strap Hinges

Consisting of leafs, knuckles and a pin, a hinge is a simple mechanical bearing that’s used to create a joint. They feature two leafs, each of which is installed on a separate workpiece. After the leafs have been secured to … Read More