Drywall Carts: Simplifying the Process of Moving Drywall

Drywall cart by Monroe

Do you work with drywall? When building residential homes and commercial buildings, many workers use drywall. Also known as sheetrock and gypsum panel, it consists of a gypsum plaster between two layers of a paper-based material. Whether you’re constructing wall or ceiling, you may need to use drywall. A drywall moving cart, however, is a smart investment that can make your job a little easier.

What Is a Drywall Moving Cart?

A drywall moving cart is exactly what it sounds like: a cart that’s designed to move drywall. You can place drywall panels on a drywall moving cart, after which you can roll them. You won’t have to manually carry drywall panels. With a drywall moving cart, you can move them by rolling them.

Common Features of Drywall Moving Carts

There are different types of drywall moving carts, but they all feature a wheeled base. The wheeled base consists of a flat metal platform. Most of them have four wheels, and the wheels may or may not swivel depending on the specific type of drywall moving cart.

In addition to a wheeled base, you may discover that some drywall moving carts have a vertical supporting frame. The supporting frame is designed to support the drywall panels.

Rather than placing the drywall panels flat on the bottom of the cart, you can prop them up. The supporting frame will support them. Just position the drywall panels upright and tilt them at a slight angle so that they rest against the supporting frame. You can then roll the drywall panels by pushing the cart.

Why You Should Use a Drywall Moving Cart

To lower your risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), look no further than a drywall moving cart. Manually carrying drywall panels is taxing on the human body. A typical half-inch drywall panel weighs over 50 pounds. As you lift and carry these heavy drywall panels, you’ll begin to feel it. You may experience muscle pain, joint pain or back pain.

A drywall moving cart will lower your risk of MSDs by allowing you to easily move drywall. You won’t have to manually carry the otherwise heavy panels. As long as you have a drywall moving cart, you can roll them. The end result is less strain on your muscles, joints and back, thereby lowering your risk of MSDs.

A drywall moving cart can have a positive impact on your productivity. You’ll be able to move drywall panels more quickly by rolling them. Along with protection from MSD, a drywall moving cart can improve your productivity.

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