Swing Handles: A Convenient Alternative to Pull Handles

Swing Handles by Monroe Engineering

Not all handles are the same. In addition to traditional pull handles, there are swing handles. Swing handles still require a pulling force to open the doors or objects with which they are used, but they feature a different design than traditional pull handles.

What Are Swing Handles?

Swing handles are used for latching and unlatching doors and objects. Most of them leverage an internal cam. Some of them use a one-point cam, whereas others use a two-point or three-point cam.

Lifting and turning a swing handle will unlatch it. The cam will pull away from the door or object, thus allowing you to open it. You can latch the door or object by pushing the swing handle back to its original position.

Benefits of Swing Handles

Why should you choose swing handles over other types of handles? For starters, they are ergonomic. You can easily latch and unlatch doors and objects with swing handles. You just need to lift and turn the swing handles. With their ergonomic design, swing handles are easy to use and won’t expose you to physical stress.

Swing handles are also long-lasting. They are typically made of a metal alloy core, such as stainless steel, with a protective plating. While other handles may degrade when used day after day, this isn’t a concern for swing handles. Swing handles are made with durability in mind, so they’ll last for many years.

How to Choose Swing Handles

When choosing swing handles, there are several things you should consider. Swing handles are available in locking and non-locking styles. Locking styles, of course, require a key. They feature a built-in lock. You’ll have to place a key inside of them to use them. Non-locking swing handles don’t have a lock, nor do they require a key to use.

Swing handles are available in different cylinder styles. Regardless of how you intend to use them, you should consider the cylinder styles. Some swing handles have a standard profile cylinder, whereas others have a square 7mm or triangle 8mm cylinder style.

You can also find swing handles in different colors. Black is probably the most popular color in which they are made. As a universal color, black will flow cohesively with most environments. In addition to black, chrome is a popular color in which swing handles are made. Some people prefer chrome swing handles over black swing handles.

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