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  • What Is Resin Casting?

    What Is Resin Casting?0

    Casting is a common manufacturing process that involves pouring liquid material — usually material that’s been preheated — into a mold cavity. As the liquid material cools, it hardens to create a new object in the shape of the mold. The newly created object, known as a casting, is then removed from the mold and

  • What Is Investment Casting?

    What Is Investment Casting?0

    Casting processes are used extensively in the manufacturing industry to produce products and components in complex shapes. Although there are different types of casting processes, most involve pouring a liquid material, such as molten metal or heated plastic, into the center of a hollow mold. After the liquid material has cooled, it’s extracted from the

  • The 4 Steps of High-Pressure Die Casting

    The 4 Steps of High-Pressure Die Casting0

    Also known as traditional die casting, high-pressure die casting is a metal casting process that involves injecting molten metal — steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, lead, magnesium, etc. — into a three-dimensional mold. The base metal is heated until it achieves a liquid, molten state. It’s then forced into the mold’s cavity, allowing it to take

  • The Everlasting Benefits of Continuous Casting

    The Everlasting Benefits of Continuous Casting0

    With origins dating back to around 3,200 B.C., casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes that’s still used today. It’s used to create objects in a variety of shapes and sizes — and it supports the use of many different materials, including glass, plastics and metals. Continuous casting, however, is a unique form of

  • How Centrifugal Casting Works

    How Centrifugal Casting Works0

    Also known as rotocasting, centrifugal casting is a casting process that’s used to create hollow cylinders. Like other casting processes, it involves the use of liquid material that’s poured into a mold. Once the liquid material has cooled and hardened, it’s removed and separated from the mold. Centrifugal casting is unique from other casting processes,

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