Do Doors Need 2 Hinges or 3 Hinges?

door with a set of hinges

When installing a door, you might be wondering whether to use two hinges or three hinges. Hinges, of course, allow doors to swing open. They feature two leafs and a knuckle. By connecting a door to the frame with a set of hinges, you can pull the door open.

While some doors are installed with two hinges, though, others are installed with three hinges. How many hinges should you use when installing a door?


The weight of a door will affect how many hinges it requires. Some doors weigh more than others. A door with a solid core, for instance, will weigh more than a hollow door of the same size. To prevent them from sagging, heavy doors such as this may require three hinges.

Installing a door will three hinges rather than two hinges will reduce the risk of it sagging. Doors can sag over time. The hinges will essentially buckle under the door’s weight. For heavy doors, you can use three hinges to lower the risk of sagging.

Interior vs Exterior

Exterior doors are more likely to feature three hinges than interior doors. If you’re installing an interior door, two hinges may suffice. Exterior doors, on the other hand, almost always have three hinges.

Exterior doors have three hinges for a couple of different reasons. They are usually heavier than interior doors. And as previously mentioned, heavy doors are often installed with three hinges to prevent them from sagging.

Another reason exterior doors have three hinges is for security purposes. Exterior doors are those that link the interior of a building or home or to the exterior. If an exterior door is weak, it could be kicked in. Installing exterior doors with three hinges makes them stronger. Exterior doors can withstand greater force when connected to the frame with three hinges as opposed to two hinges, resulting in greater security.


When determining how many hinges to use, you should consider the height of the door. Taller doors will require more hinges than shorter hinges. Using only two hinges may stress it.

A general rule is to use one hinge per 30 inches of door. If a door is 60 inches tall, you may be able to use two hinges with it. Doors taller than 60 inches, however, will likely require three hinges. You should still take into account the door’s weight and whether it’s an interior or exterior door. Nonetheless, taller doors will often require three hinges, whereas shorter doors may require just two hinges.

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