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5 Benefits of Choosing Aluminum Hinges

Aluminum is one of the most common materials in which hinges are made. Whether you’re shopping for door hinges, butt hinges, strap hinges or weld-on hinges, you can probably find them in aluminum. Hinges, of course, are available in other … Read More

What Is a Wing Nut?

Nuts are a common type of fasteners. Consisting of a piece of metal with a threaded hole, they are used in conjunction with a bolt to hold two or more objects together. The bolt is inserted through the objects, after … Read More

The Different Types of Handles for Quick Release Pins

You can’t shop for quick release pins without considering the handle type. While all quick release pins have a handle, the shape and design of their respective handles can vary. There are several different types of handles found on quick … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Pull Handles

Pull handles are an essential component of many types of furniture. You can find them on dressers, chests of drawers, cabinets and more. If a piece of furniture has drawers, it will likely have handles. Some machines, in fact, even … Read More

What Are Ball Plug Gages?

Ball plug gages are commonly used with many industrial machines. You can find them on lathes, milling machines, computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines and more. As shown in the adjacent photo, ball plug gages feature a relatively simple. They essentially consist … Read More

Adjustable Glides for Leveling Feet

Have you come across leveling feet with adjustable glides? They are commonly used on chairs, desks, chests of drawers, recliners and other types of furniture. Not all leveling feet have adjustable glides, though. Rather, many of them consist of a … Read More

What Is a Music Wire Spring?

Have you come across music wire springs? If so, you might be wondering how they differ from other types of springs. Music wire springs are devices that are used to store mechanical energy. You can find them in a variety … Read More